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Committed to Excellence and Quality Patient Care

At Rapid Temps, we are dedicated to delivering a higher standard of service and ensuring the provision of safe, high-quality patient care. With our 25 years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our compliance with the Joint Commission’s Standards for Healthcare Staffing Services. Here’s how we demonstrate our commitment to quality:

  • Subcontractors: Rapid Temps will not engage subcontractors without prior agreement from the customer.

  • Floating: Assigned Providers will only be placed in assignments that match their job description. If floating is required, it will be limited to like departments or units where the provider has demonstrated previous competency and appropriate certifications.

  • Competency Review: Rapid Temps conducts pre-employment assessments to ensure the competence of Assigned Providers based on the techniques, procedures, technology, and skills needed to provide care. We rely on customer feedback to assess and reassess the provider’s competence on an ongoing basis.

  • Orientation of Providers: Rapid Temps provides orientation to all new providers, acquainting them with our policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of the customer to orient assigned providers to the facility’s rules, regulations, and procedures, including equipment usage.

  • Providers and Independent Contractors: Rapid Temps employs Assigned Providers and utilizes independent contractors, if necessary, to deliver agreed-upon healthcare supplemental staffing services.

  • Exhibit A.1
    • Incident, Error, Tracking System: Rapid Temps documents and tracks unexpected incidents, errors, sentinel events, injuries, and safety hazards related to care and services provided. Information gathered is shared and reported appropriately to customers, regulatory bodies, and the Joint Commission as required.

  • Exhibit A.2
    • Communicating Occupational Safety Hazards/Events: It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Rapid Temps of any incidents, competency issues, or complaints related to Assigned Providers. The customer agrees to initiate communication with Rapid Temps when completing an incident/injury report related to an Assigned Provider.

  • Requirements for Staff Specified: Rapid Temps complies with the customer’s specified requirements for staff, including documented competencies, credentials, health screening, and experience necessary to deliver safe care to the served population.

  • Conflicts of Interest: Rapid Temps identifies and discloses conflicts of interest with vendors, clients, competitors, and regulatory entities. We take appropriate actions to address conflicts of interest when they arise.

  • Staff Matching Requirements: Rapid Temps verifies the licensure, certification, education, and work experience of Assigned Providers to ensure they match the requirements specified by the customer for the assignment.

  • Exhibit A.3
    • We value open communication, collaboration, and resolving concerns promptly. If you have any issues with our service or the care provided by our healthcare professionals, please contact our local manager or corporate office. We are committed to addressing and resolving concerns effectively.


The Rapid Temps office, located in Albuquerque, NM is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The local Telephone number is (800)616-0471. Outside of normal business hours, in the event of an emergency please contact  (505)818-4536.

In the event of an emergency, natural disaster or other uncontrollable event, Trusted Health will continue to provide service to you through our corporate network from a location where phones and computers are functional. Trusted Health will do everything possible to support you in meeting your needs during crisis situation(s). A copy of our Emergency Management Plan is available upon request.

Rapid Temps is dedicated to providing exceptional staffing solutions while upholding the highest standards of excellence, compliance, and patient care. Together, we can ensure the delivery of safe and quality healthcare services.